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With Florida Fruit Association, you earn up to $10 per box of fruit sold. Plus, your customers will receive the very freshest seasonal fruit available – handpicked at peak flavor and delivered to you directly from the grove. We make fundraising for youth sports including football, baseball and cheerleading teams a breeze! Check out our video to see how it works.

"The strawberries arrived and they were perfect! Everyone just went on and on about how beautiful they looked and I can tell you that they tasted just as good as they looked! We appreciate you and your company for your outstanding customer service and allowing us to benefit from your fundraising opportunity! Your product was outstanding! Our program looks forward to participating again next year!"

- Jennifer Cross
Belfry High School Baseball Team
Belfry, KY

Featured Seasonal Fruit!

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Sweet and delicious! Available for delivery in March. Packed in plastic quart size containers with 8 containers to a flat.

How It Works!

(From The Grove To Your Doorstep!)